Zoology Department

The subject Zoology is one of the main subjects of science faculty. Zoology has wide applications and it has remained as a parallel line for Medical Sciences as well. Zoology has covered many interdisciplined subjects such as Genetics, Molecular biology, Immunology, Vertebrates and Invertebrates studies, economic Zoology has a huge potential for creating huge employment oppurnities in government and private sectors as well as industrial sectors and research institutes.

Considering the importance of subject knowledge and applications the subject was introduced at pre-degree level in college in June 1970. The founder teacher of Department is Shri. S.SKulkarni.

The department of Zoology is well equipped with spacious laboratory with all modern instruments to teach theory as well as practical. The department has rich collection of animal specimen and a museum.

To upgrade knowledge and to explore and experiencing new things department arranged long and short tours every year.

In future Department is interested to start Vermicomposting unit to destroy the organic waste and to reduce percentage of pollution caused by chemical fertilizers .

Course taught in the Department

Sr.No Class Paper No Name
1 B. Sc. I semester I I. Animal Diversity I
II. Cell biology and Genetics
2 B. Sc. I semester II III. Animal Diversity II
IV. Ecology,Ethology, Evolution and Applied Zoology
3 B.Sc. II Semester III V. Animal Diversity III
VI. Cell science, Genetics, Biological chemistry and Economic Zoology
4 B.Sc. II Semester IV VII.Animal Diversity IV
VIII.Histology and Physiology
Sr.No Name of the Alumini Designation Address
1 Mr.M.I. Gour Assistant Teacher Mumbai
2 Mr.S.L.Dhadake Assistant Teacher C.B. Khedgi’s collge Akkalkot
3 Mr. S.S.Patil Assistant professor Sangameshwar college,Solapur
4 Ms.P.S. Hannure Assistant Teacher Lohara District, Osmanabad
5 Ms.Madikhambe S.K. Research student Walchand college of Arts and Science, Solapur

Dr.Miss Gurav M.R.

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