Student Council


A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in a college can become involved in the affairs of the college, working in partnership with college management and staff and parents for the benefit of the college and its students.


To make the students participate in the development of the Institute and develop their career, personality and organizational skills through interactive programs with the faculty,administration and society

  • To enhance communication between students, management, staff and parents
  • To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development
  • To promote friendship and respect among pupils
  • To support the management and staff in the development of the college
  • To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern to them

Benefits of student council

Student councils are a great way for students to take on leadership roles, promote the voice of the student body, problem solve and impact his or her community. Our college implements student councils to promote student involvement and success.

For Academic Year 2018-19

Sr. No. Name Designation Class
1 Dr. G.S. Dhabhale President -
2 Dr. Dhadake S.A. Secretary -
3 Dr. Konde B.N Officer of NCC -
4 Mr. Birajdar D.M. Director of Physical Education -
5 Miss Swami Vishakha S. Class representative B.A.I
6 Miss Nageshi Pratiksha Yash Class representative B.A.II
7 Miss Zade P.P Class representative B.A.III
7 Miss Zade P.P Class representative B.A.III
8 Nadaf A.R Class representative B.Com I
9 Miss Patale B.L. Class representative B.Com II
10 Miss Gadave R.I. Class representative B.Com III
11 Miss Devarmani P.S Class representative B.Sc.I
12 Miss Bedage M.M. Class representative B.Sc.II
13 Miss Nagure L.P Class representative B.Sc.III
14 Jogadhankar P.Y. Class representative B.C.A I
15 Kamareddi S. Class representative B.C.A II
16 Miss Bake Pragati Class representative M.A.I
17 Miss Karoti Jayashri Class representative M.A.II
18 Baje S. J. Representative of N.C.C B.A.I
19 Govinde V.D. Class representative of N.S.S. B.A.II
20 Miss Wanjare Sangita Representative of Sport B.A.II
21 Mr. Kale Ram Chandu Representative of Culture B.Com II
22 Miss Dhadake Arati Ladies representative B.A..III
23 Miss Akkalkote Shruti Ladies representative of N.S.S. B.Com II

Student Council