Advance & Slow Learners

Keeping in mind learning levels of students and their academic performance in the previous academic year 2016-17 a new policy is adopted to organize special programme for slow and advanced learners.

Slow Learners Policy


Remedial coaching is to be organized at UG level for.
1. Improving basic knowledge about the subjects.
2. Raising their level of confidence of the difficult subjects.
3. Improving performance of examinations.

This programme is implemented in such subjects which are considered difficult for average student.

IQAC has recommended following subjects for remedial teaching on the basis of students performance in their previous examination.

1. English
2. Economics
3. Accountancy
4. Chemistry
5. Physics
6. Statistics
7. Mathematics

Above departments are asked to find out difficult concepts or topics. They are also instructed to teach intensively.

Advanced Learners Policy


1. To inculcate reading culture & to use reference work.
2. To inculcate research attitude.
3. To improve knowledge generating capacity.

All departments are informed for the guidance of advanced learners on their basis of the performance in the previous examinations of each subjects and their involvement in activities IQAC recommends for following activities.

1. Organization of library visits.
2. Issuing books from the departmental library.
3. Encouraging students for participation in competition quiz or tests Avishkar Competition.
4. Providing research journals
5. Providing net facility.