Mathematics Department

The subject Mathematics has been introduced in the college from June 1970. From that time the subject is thought to B.Sc. I and B.Sc. II classes. Since 2014-15 we starred Mathematics to B.Sc. III Classes also.

Formally Shri Sajjan, Choudhary, Kalashetti were The teaching staff, At.present department Shri Dhanshetti N.I. is staff member for senior section and Mrs. Walekar D.D., Shri Haltot S.S. were staff members for Junior section.

In accordance with the Department present need, the Shivaji University B.O.S. has introduced practical for B.Sc. I, II and III classes in the 1997. Same syllabus with same modification continued by Solapur University. Upto 2014 we conduct practical in college computer Department but in August 2015 our college provided us ten computers to our Department.

Courses taught in the department


Paper – I

Title of the paper

B.Sc. – I











Differential equations

B.Sc. – II


Differential Calculus



Real Analysis



Differential equations



Alegebra – I

B.Sc. – III


Alegebra – II



Complex Analysis



Integral Calculus



Partial differential equations



Metric Spaces



Numerical Analysis



Integral Transform



Programming in C.

Total Number of Reference Books in Library :1,864

Total Number of Text books in Library : 1956

Total Number of books in the Departmental Library :- 60

Internal evaluation system adopted :- Yes

Teaching Aids used :- Calculators, Computers, Educational CD’s, Black boards, Books etc.

Teaching Plane :- Prepared every year & copy is supplied to students

Feedback mechanism :

We take Feedback every year from students

Research Activities of the faculty (Dhanshetti N.I.) :

Completed M.Phil. & submitted U.G.C. sanctioned Minor Research Project

Publications of the faculty :-

1) One national level paper
2) Co-author of 24 text books (with ISBN Numbers)
3) Author of one book

Curricular Activities

a) As member of subcommittees for formation of syllabus prepared syllabus of various classes
b) Written 25 text books

Co-Curricular Activites :

a) Conducted one state level UGC sponsored conference
b) Conducted one regional level seminar
c) Worked as Resource as a person for National level conference conducted by KBP college Pandharpur
d) Every students of B.Sc.III will prepare projects on several topics and seminars.
e) Every year we will arrange study tour for the students

Visitors of the Department

1) Dr.Prof. N.K. Thakur
Ex.V.C. North Maharashtra Uni. Jalagaon
2) Dr. Malagonde S.P.
3) Prof.Dr. Y.S. Pawar
HOD Mathematics Shivaji Uni. Kolhapur
4) Prof.Dr. Dinde H.T.
Chairman BOS Shivaji Uni. Kolhapur
5) Dr. Rahul Sapare
HOD Mathematics, Gogate College Ratnagiri
6) Dr. S.B. Kalyanshetti
Co-ordinator, Depertment of Mathematics Solapur University of Solapur

Prominent Alumni

1) Prof.K.V. Zipare
Ex.Ag.Principal, C.B.K. College, Akkalkot
2) Prof.N.I. Dhanshetti
HOD Mathematics C.B.K. College, Akkalkot
3) Prof.C.J. Pawar
HODMathematics Orchid Eng. College Solapur
4) Prof.Miss. V.S. Konade
Lecturer in A.G. Patil Eng. College Solapur
5) Prof.Miss. A.S. Kanapur
Lecturer in A.G. Patil Eng. College Solapur
6) Sou. S.V. Patil
Drop. Saraswati couching classes
7) Prof. P.D. Pawar
Lecturer in V.V.P. Jr.College Baramati
8) Prof. S.S. Haltot
Lecturer in C.B.K. College Akkalkot
9) Prof. A.G. Salagare
HOD Maths Polytechnic College Akkalkot
10) Prof. A.A. Khodave
Asst. Prof. C.B.K. College Akt.
11) Prof. S.S. Sarasambi
Asst. Prof. C.B.K. College Akt.
12) Dr. C.B. Rotti
Scientitist IIT Kanpur


Asso. Professor
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