Complaints & Grievances Management System

The Institute has constituted a committee for managing complaints and grievances

Committee Members

Mr. K.V.Zipare Co-Ordinator
Mr. V.J.Andhare Member
Mr. S.C.Pawar Member
Mr.P.B.Sankal Member


Grievance/complaint is any communication that expresses dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action about the standard of service of an institute.


To make the students aware about grievance redressal committee in the institute.


  • To ensure a student friendly democratic environment in the campus.
  • To make all the students, faculty and staff aware about their rights and duties.
  • To solve the various personal and educational related grievances of students.
  • To ensure the qualitative as well as quantitative development of the institution through the complaints and grievance redressal cell.

Academic rights and responsibilities of students

  • Protection of Freedom of Expression.
  • Protection against improper academic evaluation,
  • Faculty and students should be ethical, moral and should behave in a manner with good academic interest and should maintain decent academic relations with teachers and Co-students and co-operate with college authorities to maintain vibrant and decent academic environment.

Nature of academic grievances considered for redressal

  • Non issuances of study certificate.
  • Non receipt of scholarships from the college.
  • Bus pass
  • Mark Statements
  • Refund of original certificates
  • Transfer certificate (College level) / Leaving Certificate / University Transfer certificate.
  • Refund of caution deposit.
  • Matters related to library books issues.
  • College fee related issues.
  • Issues related to general facilities.
  • Matters related to internal marks and academic performance.
  • Issues related to teacher-student relationships.
  • Infrastructure
  • Issue of ID Cards.

Mechanism of Grievance Redressal System

1. Collection of grievances in written format through complaint and suggestion boxes.
2. The committee members will meet on 30th of every month.
3. Committee will sort out the grievances based on the nature: Academic, Administrative, Facilities.
4. Analysis of grievances on the basis of
* Total Number of grievances.
* Type of grievances.
* Resolved grievances.
* Unresolved grievances The decisions will be taken by the Principal.
5. Interpretation of the grievances will be done for
* Academic Improvement
* Improvement of Administration
* Improvement of Infrastructure / Facilities.

Action Plan

* Make the students aware regarding working of Complaint and Grievance Redressal Committee.
* To install the complaint and grievance boxes in the institute premises.
* To collect the grievances from all boxes at 25 th every month.
* Follow the mechanism of Grievance redressal system.
* The committee members of Complaints and Grievance Redressal Cell will meet on 30th of every month.