Earn And Learn Scheme

Report 2018-2019

  • There were 13 students applied for the earn and learn scheme of the college.
  • These all students were called for the interview on 16/07/2018.
  • After the interview 6 students selected and the work allotted them on per need at the different departments.
  • Four students are given work to do in the library and 2 students are working in the main administrative office.
  • The remuneration is 15/- per hrs is finalized and these students daily work 3 hrs in their allotted places.


1. Jadhav Shantappa Arjun – 1500/- library – B.A. III
2. Bolkote Shrishail Dattatray - 930/- library B.A. I
3. Gavhane Ganesh Vilas – 1475/- Library B.Sc.III
4. Mane Nitin kateppa – 1460/- Net resource center.

Report of Meeting

The meeting of earn & learn Committee take place in staffroom at ------- on --------- in the meeting the following subjects were discussed.
1. To publish the notice of earn & learn scheme for the.
2. It was also decided to accept the admission from for Earn & learn Scheme up to ------
3. It was also decided to arrange interview for the interested students on-------
4. As there was no other issue for discussion then meeting ended with giving thanks to all present members by the co-ordinator.

Agenda of Meeting of Earn & learn Scheme

The meeting of earn & learn Committee is organized on ------ at -------- for all the members. The committee members are informed to present on time. The agenda of meeting is attached with notice.
1. To publish notice for students.
2. To accept admission from.
3. To decide the date of the student.
4. To take interview of the students.
5. To selection of students & all active for the work from the scheme.