Parent Teacher Association


1. To develop communication between parents and staffs.
2. To follow up the Improvement of Education System.
3. To maintain discipline in the college by the help of parents co-operation.
4. To increase quality of education and remove the obstacles.
5. To prepare Ideal Atmosphere in the College.
6. To anticipate in every activity and survey of various department in the college.


1. Shri. G.S.Kalshetti - Co-coordinator
2. Shri. S.J.Patil - Member
3. Shri V.J.Andhare - Member
4. Mrs. J.R.Birajdar - Member
5. Mrs. S.A. Ingle - Member


1 . The College Atmosphere became good and healthy.
2. The Progress ratio of all department increase properly.
3. The college has organized so many educational and social activities properly.
4. The college has connected competitive atmosphere.
5. The college merit score increased every year surely.