Association Science


1. To develop curiosity about science.
2. To raise the scientific attitude among students.
3. To acquaint the students with the areas of research.
4. To develop values of honesty and respect for themselves and others.
5. To communicate scientific ideas and proctical experience accurately in a different ways.
6. To develop skills to solve problems in any situations scientifically.


Student should be able to
1 . Explain and apply scientific information to solve problems in any situation.
2. Evaluate scientific information from different sources ie. internet, newspaper, articles etc.
3. Communicate scientific information using scientific language.
4. Familiarize with the areas of research and concern in the field of science.
5. Describe and evaluate the benefits and limitations of science & its applications on life and society.

Members of the student council

1. Mrs. J.R. Birajdar - Co-ordinator
2. Shri. N.I. Dhanshetti - Member
3. Dr. S.K. Murumkar - Member
4. Shri. A.S.Shinde - Member
5. Shri. S.C. Pawar - Member
6. Dr. M.R.Gurav - Member