Language Association


The language Association of our College is established to runs various activities to cater love and awareness about language among students. The association comprises of English, Kannada, Hindi and Marathi languages Students.


1. To develop language skills among students, specially reading, writing and speaking skills.
2. To develop creativity level of the students.
3. To develop linguistics skills.
4. To make them aware of social, Economical, Cultural aspects of literature.
5. To introduce various movements, literary concepts and figures in literature.


1. Dr. G.S. Dhabale Coordinator
2. Sou. S.M.Paranjape Member
3. Dr. I.M.khairadi Member
4. Shri V.H. Waghmare Member
5. Shri S.J.Patil Member
6. Dr. C.D.Kamble Member
7. Dr. G.S.Swami Member
8. Dr. A.G. Malge Member