Alumi Association

The main aim of the establishment of the Alumni Association is to give the platform for the students who passed out from the institute. With the sole aim of making a permanent bond with the students of yesterday, the association has been formed. There are so many reasons other than the said above.

The association provides a platform for exchange of new ideas between alumni and the present students. Alumni members can easily get the access to the present students to inform the new development in different fields.

The alumni can share their experiences and also suggest innovative ideas to the management as well as to faculty members and to current students.


1. To foster a spirit of loyalty.
2. To promote the general welfare of the organization.
3. Alumni relations is an important part of institution.
4. To guide and help present students.
5. To help to improve the quality of the institution.


1. Our members took part in plantation programme in the college.
2. They helped to get pure drinking water facility to students.
3. Alumni members are given their supports to conduct science exhibition for Taluka 10th students.
4. They have a plan to put slogan boards around the college campus.

Function / Role

The alumni association can extend all assistance and co-operation for the institution in its progress for the growth and development of education and research every field.

The alumni association encourages and assists the students of the institute in various academic and cultural activities. The alumni can donate some amount for the help and benefit of the needy and poor students of the institute. They extend financial support to the institute also. They can generate donations and funds for conducting various programmes for achieving the objectives of the association.

The alumni association can play a very important role in all activities of the institute taking active part in it.


1. The alumni association extended its hand in doing tree plantation in and around the campus of the institute.
2. The alumni members actively participated in the science exhibition organized in the college.
3. The alumni association office bearers took active part in the event of blood donation camp organized in the institute.
4. Also the member enthusiastically participated in the activities organized on the day of Annual Day celebration. They encourage all students to take part in cultural activities and in other related events organized on that day.

Alumni Association Registration Certificate


Office Bearers of the Association

Sr.No. Name Dignisation
1 Shri A. S. Kalshettti President
2 Shri S. K. Andodagi Vice-President
3 Shri N.I. Dhanshetti Secretary
4 Shri R.N. Attar Asst. Secretary
5 Shri V.B. Shivgunde Treasurer
6 Shri S.S. Patil Member
7 Shri D.G. Kavatgi Member
8 Mrs. A.G. Salgare Member
9 Mrs. R.S. Karki Member

Annual Alumni Meet

Report - 2017-18

C.B. Khedgi’s College has organised Annual Alumni Meet on 29th April 2018 at 10.30 AM at the college auditorium.

As a preparation of today’s meet the college authorities and each department head has sent invitation letters to the past students of the college. Even news of this event was also published in local news papers. With all the preparations the meet was finally orgainsed on the said date.

The chairman of out institution Shri S.C. Khedgi was the president of the function. Dr. S.C. Advitot I/C Principal, Shri K.V. Zipare, Mr. Kalshetti Mr. Andodgi Sir, Miss Pallavi Karki and Miss Aarti Salgare and other members of Alumni Associations Executive Council were present on the occasion. With the lightening of lamps the event started All dignitaries took part in lightening of the lamp . After that Mr. K.V. Zipare sir gave introduction of the event telling in detail about the aim of organising alumni meet and it objectives, how the new NAAC guidelines give so much weightage to the suggestions and participation of the past students of the institution. He also called upon the attended students to make suggestions and gave their opinions in the large run of the institution , that how the institution will make a great progress in future.

Then the felicitation programme was held. The felicitation of Mr. Hegonde Siddharam took place as he has cleared MPSC exam this year. Then the post students were invited to give suggestions and to tell about their past days memories. So many past students spoke on the occasion Mr. Vijay Mankoji spoke about increase use of ICT in the college. He said that when he was student the facility was not but now the college has progressed well.

Miss Usha Angire suggested that there should be different Laboratories for senior and Junior wings of the college, as in common labs there is so hectic time table. The teachers have to follow Miss Savita Gavandi who passed SET exam in Physics thanked the faculty members for their continuous support to her fulfilling her dreams Mr. Patil S.S. gave the information about the changing scenario of higher education in India and how to tackle the NAAC process in future. Also suggested to provide educational facilities in the rural part of Akkalkot Taluka.

Mr. Ashok Kalshetti the president of Alumni Association said that the Khedgi College is like a big tree of education where every student has an opportunity to get the educational of his or her like. He was hopeful that in future the progress of the education institute will be more rapid. He also suggested to the present members to support the college financially and academically Mr. V.J. Andhare sir spoke about his successful journey as a student of the institute to the faculty member of the institute. He compared today’s facilities to the facilities of his student life days in the college. In his presidential speech Dr. S.C. Advitot took the stock of all. He put an open picture of college progress before all. He spoke about each and every facility of the institute. He promised that whatever suggestions he had got, he will try his best to fulfill in the college taking the help and suggestions from the chairman of the education society. At the end Dhanshetti Sir gave vote of thanks to all. After the programme the association has arranged tea and snacks for all. After that all the past students with a promise of coming together again whenever the college will call them said goodbye to each other.