Academic Calender 2019-20

Plan of Action Achievements / Outcomes
1. workshop on google classroom for teaching staff on 07/03/2020 1. Teaching staff participated and learnt new teaching technique of google classroom to be used for students and NAAC criterions.
2. Website updatation of personal and departmental data. 2. Digital module was prepared by the IQAC members for collecting personal and departmental data for website updatation.
3. Academic audit conducted on 15/07/2020 3. To assess the progress and quality of academic activities and stake holders.
4. Administration Audit conducted on - 16/07/2020 4. To assess the effectiveness of functioning of the office systems and processes.
5. Green audit conducted on - 05/05/2020 5. To assess the environmental management systems and equipments and performing.
6. online feedback from all stakeholders on curriculum. 6. online feedback from all stakeholders was collected and analyzed.
7. online feedback of students satisfaction survey- 15/12/2020 7.Online feedback of S.S.S. was collected and analyzed and uploaded on website 238 students participated.
8.Developing E-Content by teachers 31/05/2020 8.Near about all faculties developed E-Content for students on the topics they teach the syllabus of B.A. B.Com and B.Sc.