Perspective Plan 2019-2023

Our institute prepares every five year plan for the growth and development which is reflected in its perspective plan. The IQAC of the college takes initiatives in the preparation of the perspective plan. The institutional head and IQAC considers the quality indicators of certain criterion determined by NAAC. Institution has also feedback mechanism system for the quality enrichment and development of institution from various stakeholders. The plan also covers social, economic and specific development.

The below mentioned are the major issues of focus for the five years period.

Academic Improvement Plan

1. Development of more smart class rooms.
2. Enhancement of quality teaching by deploying teachers to various training programmes / workshops / seminars etc.
3. Enhancement of field work programms and practical oriented programme.
4. Introduction of various value added and job oriented courses.
5. Participation of students and teachers under MOUs with industries and academia.
6. To introduce Post Graduate Courses.
7. Enhance the network with stakeholders alumina, parents, academicians and industrial experts.
8. Motivate the students for joining the online job oriented courses.(ex-Swayam)

Research and Development Plan

1.To develop more number of linkages with prime institute for collaborative research projects.
2. To deploy staff for participation in Refresher / Orientation courses and other related training programme.
3. To establish separate research laboratories for science stream.
4. Motivate the faculty to apply for patent right.
5. To enhance research skills of faculty and initiate spirit of research amongst the students.
6. To promote human values and sensitize students to these values.
7. To organize State / Regional / National level conferences / Seminars /Workshops.
8. Promote the faculty members to apply for minor / major research project.

Infrastructural Plan

1. Construction of model class rooms.
2. Expansion of Chemistry Laboratory.
3. Expansion of B.C.A. Laboratory.
4. Wi-Fi enabled campus.
5. Set up of solar system.
6. Constraction of additional water tank of large capacity.

Extra curricular Activities Plan

1. Adoption of villages for implementation of social awareness programmes.
2. Make more tie ups with various government and non government organizations .
3. To participate in community related work / survey work etc. undertaken by government agencies and local NGOs.

Industry Interaction Plan

1. To make more linkages with industries
2. Organize the motivational lectures of personalities for the student.
3. Organize visits to industries.
4. Organize campus interviews of various industries.

Internationalization Plan

1. Promote the faculty for participation in international conferences / seminars at abroad.
2. To make collaborations with researchers.
3. To organize international conference.

Education Society Plan

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Vision 2020

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