Internal Complaint Committee 2018-19

Sr.No Name
1 Mrs. J. R. Birajdar Presiding Officer
2 Dr. I. M. Khairadi Faculty Member – I
3 Mrs. S. A. Ingale Faculty Member – II
4 Mrs. V. V. Wanjare (Bhandare) Non-teaching staff – I
5 Shr V. C. Kumbhar Non-teaching staff – II
6 Miss.P.S.Nageshi U.G. Student
7 Miss P. B. Bake P.G. Student
8 Shri M. S. Shaikh Ph.D. Student
9 Mrs. S. S. Gaamopadhye External

Internal Complaint Committee


1.To take consistent action for prevention and prohibition of sexual harassment and gender discrimination of students and faculty members of the college.
  • By building self esteem and dignity among students and faculty.
  • By creating awareness regarding women rights
  • Prohibiting sexual harassment at the college.
2.To redress of complaints regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination.
  • By ensuring fair and time bound solution of sexual harassment complaints.
  • Counseling legal and service in case of atrocities against students and faculty.
  • By recording and documenting the minutes of meetings and annual reports.